Rt®-608Pkd Columns (packed), Restek


10848-184EA 203.97 USD
Rt®-608Pkd Columns (packed), Restek
Chromatography Columns
Inert SilcoSmooth® tubing and highly inert Silcoport® support make it possible to analyze chlorinated pesticides at levels below 50pg—performance that is nearly impossible with older packed column technology.

  • Optimized for pesticide analysis
  • Resolves all 18 peaks of US EPA method 608

Pesticide analysis remains the largest environmental application for packed columns. Currently, mixed phase packed columns do not offer complete resolution of chlorinated pesticides, and require long analysis times (nearly 40 minutes). The computer-modeled phase resolves all 18 peaks in US EPA method 608 in less than 12 minutes—one-third the time previously required! Compare the performances of conventional 1.5% SP-2250/1.95% SP-2401 pesticide packing and innovative Rt®-608Pkd packing, and you’ll stop wasting time with old technology. Optimized for pesticide analysis by US EPA method 608.

Ordering information: Does not include nuts & ferrules. Installation kit available—sold separately.
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