CarboBlack Columns (packed), Restek


80205-840 80205-810 80459-800 80122-800 80459-810 80121-800 80457-800
10848-168EA 218.71 USD
10848-168 RK80205-810 10803-498 RK80122-800 10847-964 RK80121-800 10847-962
CarboBlack Columns (packed), Restek
Chromatography Columns
Graphitized carbon black offers unique selectivity and very little adsorption for alcohol analyses.

  • Siltek®-treated stainless steel
  • CarboBlack C Model

Two types of CarboBlack supports are available, CarboBlack B and CarboBlack C. CarboBlack B supports, with their higher surface area, can hold up to a 10% loading of a nonsilicone liquid phase. CarboBlack C supports can hold up to a 1% loading of a nonsilicone liquid phase. Many Carbowax® 20M-loaded CarboBlack packings are available. CarboBlack packings are treated with KOH or picric acid for basic or acidic compounds, and special alcoholic beverage loadings are available. CarboBlack supports provide resolution and retention similar to Carbopack™ and Carbograph supports.
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