Hydroguard® Water-Resistant Guard/Retention Gap Columns/Transfer Lines (fused silica), Restek


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Hydroguard® Water-Resistant Guard/Retention Gap Columns/Transfer Lines (fused silica), Restek
Chromatography Columns
These guard columns and transfer lines are designed to prevent water vapor from reaching the surface, preventing aggressive hydrolysis.

  • Extend analytical column lifetime by preventing degradation from harsh “steam-cleaning” water injections
  • Tested with a comprehensive test mix, to ensure high inertness
  • Maximum temperature: 325°C
  • 30- and 60-meter lengths are banded in 5-meter sections

When transfer lines from purge-and-trap systems, air monitoring equipment, or other instruments carry condensed water vapor, deactivated column tubing quickly becomes active because of the creation of free silanol groups

With Hydroguard® deactivated tubing, a unique deactivation chemistry creates a high-density surface that is not readily attacked by aggressive hydrolysis. The high-density surface coverage of the Hydroguard® deactivation layer effectively prevents water vapor from reaching the surface beneath.

Use Hydroguard® tubing for connecting GCs to these devices:
Headspace analyzers
Air analysis equipment and concentrator units
Purge-and-trap systems

These silanol groups adsorb active oxygenated compounds, such as alcohols and diols.
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