Ultimate Benchtop Refractometer, AR9, Reichert

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Ultimate Benchtop Refractometer, AR9, Reichert
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This top of the line AR9 refractometer is exceptionally precise with measurement accuracies of 0.00002 refractive index (RI) and 0.02% Brix

  • Reichert AR9 Advantages
  • Exceptional accuracy and reproducibility
  • Flexible, modular – easily connects to Reichert’s new Density5 and Density4 meters and Reichert’s new polarimeters, Polar2 and Polar3, for additional complimentary measurements
  • Continuous reading mode / real time measurement
  • Powerful software interface, compliant with critically regulated industries
  • YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) prism in stainless steel well, provides durable
  • maintenance-free optics
  • Built-in solid state Peltier thermostat for accurate temperature control
  • Modern, robust design is easy to clean and simplifies service
  • Sample temperatures up to 100°C
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance of data

Reichert AR Series Operating System Software—The operating system (OS) software has been designed with the user in mind. The intuitive touchscreen navigation saves time when defining settings or changing methods. The OS can easily connect the Reichert AR9 and AR5 to the Reichert density meters, Density5 and the Density4, and polarimeters, Polar2 and Polar3, making your lab ready for all applications. This powerful software makes the instrument part of your workflow communicating with LIMS systems and other laboratory instruments via USB or RS232. Programmed in the Universal Display, the software operates up to 5 measurement modules. Combine the OS with the optional, GxP software package to provide full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 meeting all security electronic records requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. Reichert Technologies has created advanced optical and anlytical instruments for more that 150 years, and continues to pursue the highest level of accuracy and quality today. The AR9 is part of a modular system that delivers connectivity and flexibility to optimize your workflow.

With a built-in Peltier thermostat, the AR9 controls the temperature at the sample interface to an accuracy of 0.03°C. Backed by Reichert’s longstanding knowledge in the analytical instruments industry, the AR9 is the perfect match for research and development applications. This unit is resilient and durable, making it the right choice for all laboratory requirements. As a robust sealed system, the AR9 is able to perform in a variety of environments. This refractometer has the capability to provide measurements for the most critically regulated industries.  The AR9 has a YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) prism, the hardest prism available, guaranteeing accuracy and resilience for years. The AR9 includes our Universal Display which can be used to connect and control Density and Polarimeters as part of our modular system.

Certifications: RoHS, GMP/GLP. CE marked.

Ordering information: Universal Display included.
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