Ultra Aqueous C18 HPLC Prep HPLC Columns, Restek


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10059-772EA 1941.11 USD
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Ultra Aqueous C18 HPLC Prep HPLC Columns, Restek
Chromatography Columns
The Restek Aqueous C18 is a rugged, reversed-phase column with a well-balanced retention profile.

  • Proprietary polar modified and functionally bonded C18
  • Easy scale-up from Restek analytical columns
  • Popular bonded phases

Columns can effectively retain more types of solutes than a conventional C18 and is ideal for multicomponent LC-MS analyses

Restek makes it easy to scale up your separations. We offer a wide range of semipreparative and preparative-scale columns packed with many of our popular Ultra, Allure, Pinnacle DB, and Viva bonded phases on a 5 μm spherical silica.

The general-purpose Aqueous C18 boasts high reproducibility and compatibility with many mobile phase conditions—even 100% aqueous. And when used with a gradient, it eliminates the all-too-common issue of multiple compounds eluting near the column void time.

Ordering information: We strongly recommend ordering a semi-prep or prep column only after evaluating the desired separation on an equivalent analytical-scale column. Because we cannot reuse a column or the silica it contains once it has left our facility, we cannot accept returns of large-scale columns.
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