Progranulin Human Elisa Kit, BioVision

Supplier: BioVision

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Progranulin Human Elisa Kit, BioVision
Assays ELISAs
  • Detection method- Absorbance (450 nm)
  • Species reactivity- Human

BioVision’s Progranulin (human) ELISA kit is a sandwich Enzyme Linked-Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for quantitative determination of human progranulin in biological fluids. A polyclonal antibody specific for progranulin has been precoated onto the 96-well microtiter plate. Standards and samples are pipetted into the wells for binding to the coated antibody. After extensive washing to remove unbound compounds, progranulin is recognized by the addition of a biotinylated polyclonal antibody specific for progranulin (Detection Antibody). After removal of excess biotinylated antibody, HRP labeled streptavidin (Detector) is added. Following a final washing, peroxidase activity is quantified using the substrate 3,3’,5,5’-tetramethylbenzidine (TMB). The intensity of the color reaction is measured at 450 nm after acidification and is directly proportional to the concentration of progranulin in the samples.
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