Plasmin Inhibitor Scree Kit Fluorometric, BioVision

Supplier: BioVision
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Plasmin Inhibitor Scree Kit Fluorometric, BioVision
Assays Protein Assays
Validated using aprotinin inhibitor

  • Detection Method – Fluorescence (Ex/Em = 350/450 nm)
  • Application:
  • - Screening potential inhibitors of plasmin
  • - Characterize/study plasmin inhibitors

Plasmin (EC is a serine protease occurring in plasma as plasminogen. Upon activation via cleavage by plasminogen activators; plasmin solubilizes fibrin clots and activates and/or degrades compounds of the coagulation and complement systems. Plasmin inhibitors are critical in the treatment of hyperfibrinolysis-associated blood loss and related complications. Biovision’s Plasmin Inhibitor Screening Kit utilizes the ability of Plasmin to cleave a synthetic AMC-based peptide substrate to release AMC, which can be detected by measuring its fluorescence at Ex/Em = 360/450 nm. In the presence of Plasmin specific inhibitors, the extent of cleavage reaction is reduced or completely abolished. The loss in the fluorescence intensity can be correlated to the amount of inhibitor present in the assay solution. The kit provides a simple and rapid method to screen potential inhibitors of Plasmin.
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