Pomeroy Ear Syringe, OR Grade, Sklar

Supplier: Sklar
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10193-352EA 344.98 USD
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Pomeroy Ear Syringe, OR Grade, Sklar
Syringes Syringes, Medical
Sklar's Pomery Ear Syringe is a three finger ring, ENT instrument used for irrigation and cleaning of the ear canal

The syringe is filled with body temperature water or other irrigation solution which is then injected into the ear canal. The flow and force of the solution losens and flushes out cerumen and debris. Two different tips are available for this syringe. One is bulbous and does not enter the ear canal deeply, whereas the other is conical and can enter further into the canal. The size and shape of the patient's ear, along with user preference, will determine which type of tip is utilized.
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