Castroviejo Needle Holder, OR Grade, Sklar

Supplier: Sklar
65-6350 65-6358 65-6354 65-6357C 65-6352 65-6357
10197-414EA 633.28 USD
10197-414 10194-066 10197-930 75848-516 10197-416 10197-932
Castroviejo Needle Holder, OR Grade, Sklar
Sklar's Castroviejo Microsurgical Needle Holder is a double-spring instrument used for holding small, delicate needles in various microsurgical procedures

Censitrac Ready products are industry standard and constructed of stainless steel.

This device is curved with smooth jaws. It also features a locking mechanism.

Ordering information: Censitrac instruments are custom barcoded to reflect the facility. This is unique customization. The initial order for the facility can take 14 to 30 days, subsequent orders can take less time.

Caution: Customers must have a Censitrac Site ID to purchase Censitrac instruments.
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