Keyes Cutaneous Punch, OR Grade, Sklar

Supplier: Sklar
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10194-926EA 84.26 USD
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Keyes Cutaneous Punch, OR Grade, Sklar
Biopsy Punches
Sklar's Keyes Cutaneous Punch is a dermal diagnostic instrument used to remove skin samples for biopsy.

The round sharp end is pushed into the skin and twisted slightly to cut away a small plug of skin. The solid knurled handle provides a gripping surface for the user who controls the depth of the excision. The Keyes punch is often used in gynecological biopsies where a deeper tissue sample is useful for the pathologist.

Ordering information: Censitrac instruments are custom barcoded to reflect the facility. This is unique customization. The initial order for the facility can take 14 to 30 days, subsequent orders can take less time.

Caution: Customers must have a Censitrac Site ID to purchase Censitrac instruments.
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