Recombinant Human Slit2-N (Carrier-free), Tonbo Biosciences

Supplier: Tonbo Biosciences

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Recombinant Human Slit2-N (Carrier-free), Tonbo Biosciences
Proteins and Peptides
Slit2 belongs to the Slit family of proteins that, along with the Roundabout (Robo) family of receptors, act as guidance cues for cellular migration. In mammals, there are 3 known Slit proteins and 4 Robo receptors. Slit2 associates with Robo1 to contribute to various functions including leukocyte chemotaxis, angiogenesis, neuronal migration and mediating repulsive cues in axon guidance. It has also been reported to inhibit tumor growth and migration in certain types of cancers. Slit2 is initially synthesized as a precursor protein which is subsequently cleaved into N-terminal (Slit2-N) and C-terminal (Slit2-C) fragments. Slit2-N is the larger protein and is associated with neurodevelopment-related activities.
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