Recombinant Human PDGF-CC (Carrier-free), Tonbo Biosciences

Supplier: Tonbo Biosciences

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Recombinant Human PDGF-CC (Carrier-free), Tonbo Biosciences
Proteins and Peptides
Platelet-derived growth factor-CC (PDGF-CC) is one of the five dimeric proteins belonging to the PDGF family. Other members are homodimers PDGF-AA, PDGF-BB, PDGF-DD, and the heterodimer PDGF-AB. The PDGFs are produced by platelets, stored in platelet alpha-granules and are released upon platelet activation. PDGF proteins are generally considered as potent mitogens for connective tissue cells, and can also be chemotactic for fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells, neutrophils and mononuclear cells. PDGF-CC plays a role in angiogenesis, as well as cardiovascular development and function. Two receptors have been identified for the PDGF proteins - PDGFR alpha and PDGFR beta. PDGF-CC binds primarily to PDGFR alpha and activates PDGFR alpha homodimerization.
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