3,4-Dichloroisocoumarin 98%

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3,4-Dichloroisocoumarin 98%

Useful in a rapid staining method for identification of macrophages; counts by this method were confirmed by the more complex morphological criteria, by phagocytosis, and by the presence of Fc receptors. It is an inhibitor of Chymotrypsin and Trypsin. ,4 Dichloroisocoumarin also inhibits granzymes A, B, and H, cathepsin G, neutrophil elastase, proteinase and blocks apoptotic internucleosomal DNA cleavage in thymocytes without the involvement of endonucleases.

Reversible inhibitor of serine proteases

Formula: C₉H₄Cl₂O₂
MW: 215.029 g/mol
Storage Temperature: Refrigerator
MDL Number: MFCD00036960
CAS Number: 51050-59-0
UN: 2811
ADR: ,

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