Glassy Carbon Crucibles for Crystal Growth, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

39015-KT 39017-KT 39016-KT 39019-KT
AA39015-KTEA 546.49 USD
AA39015-KT AA39016-KT AA39019-KT AA39017-KT
Glassy Carbon Crucibles for Crystal Growth, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Glassy carbon offers high purity, corrosion resistance, thermal stability, and a structure impermeable to both gases and liquids

  • Resistance to all wet decomposition agents
  • No memory effects (uncontrolled adsorption and release of foreign elements)
  • No contamination of analytical samples
  • Stability to acid and alkaline melts
  • No wetting effect of metal melts
  • Good resistance to thermal shock allows rapid heating and cooling times
  • Resistive to abrasive wear
  • Good electrical conductivity

These crucibles are designed for high-temperature differential thermal/thermal gravimetric analyses and ultra-high purity materials technology involving crystal growing.

Alta Aesar's glassy carbon products are subjected to a high temperature heat treatment which imparts special material properties, including significantly improved corrosion resistance and strength.
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