Low Form Nickel Crucibles, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

35906-KT 35996-KT 35948-KT 35969-KT 35927-KT
AA35927-KTEA 40.38 USD
AA35927-KT AA35906-KT AA35948-KT AA35996-KT AA35969-KT
Low Form Nickel Crucibles, Thermo Fisher Scientific
In the analytical laboratory, nickel crucibles offer high resistance to dilute alkalies at a very low cost per crucible.

  • Life expectancy of a nickel crucible is from 4 to 6 fusions
  • Low form design
  • Completely resistant to phosphoric acid
  • Highly resistant to the corrosive effect of the strongest alkalies
  • Ideal for use in fusions where zirconium or other metals cannot be used

No dry gases are actively corrosive to nickel at atmospheric temperature. Nickel is also resistant to dry hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, and chlorine up to about 535°C. Nickel is not affected by steam at temperatures usually encountered. It is corroded by gases containing sulfur.
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