TruLine Nitrate Electrode Kit, YSI

Supplier: YSI
10810-790EA 920.74 USD
TruLine Nitrate Electrode Kit, YSI
Electrodes ISE Electrodes
Each TruLine ISE features an integrated reference

  • 15 electrodes for 16 different parameters
  • 4 sensor technologies - gas sensing, polymer/PVC membrane, solid state, and glass sensor, integrated reference (combination/full-cell)
  • Double-junction and refillable to ensure long electrode life
  • BNC connection, connects to any instrument with BNC connectors including the YSI TruLab 1320 or the YSI MultiLab 4010-2 and 4010-3 when used with a BNC adapter
  • 3 foot cable
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Reference/electrode fill solution, ionic strength adjustor (ISA), and small bottle of standard included with each ISE
  • Complete suite of fill solutions, ISAs, and standards available to support customers after purchase
  • 12 month warranty for solid state, glass sensor, and gas-sensing ISEs
  • 9 month warranty for ISEs with polymer/PVC membrane

There are 15 electrodes in the TruLine ISE series, with each electrode measuring the effective ion concentration of a different ionic species. This provides our customer with a wide range of ISEs to choose from. ISE parameters include: Ammonia, ammonium, bromide, cadmium, calcium, chloride, copper, cyanide, fluoride, iodide, lead, nitrate, potassium, silver/sulfide, and sodium. Features refillable reference, replaceable
sensor modules (1 replacement included).

Applications: Environmental, industrial, agriculture, food and beverage.

This eliminates the need for a separate reference half-cell when measuring ion concentration and is more convenient. Each ISE can be refilled with reference/electrode filling solution, extending the life of each ISE. The electrodes also feature a double-junction reference for optimum performance. The TruLine ISEs feature BNC connection and can be used with the YSI TruLab 1320. They can also be used with the YSI MultiLab 4010-2 or 4010-3 with BNC adapter (108132Y). The TruLine Nitrate laboratory electrode kit includes a PVC membrane combination ISE with replaceable sensor module and refillable reference, bottle of fill solution (30 mL), bottle of ISA (30 mL), and small bottle (30 mL) of high (1000 mg/L) standard.

Certifications: GLP Compliant.

Ordering information: Used with YSI TruLab 1320; MultiLab 4010-2 or 4010-3 with BNC adapter (108132Y), sold separately. The ammonia ISE is not a true double-junction electrode, but it does contain a single-junction pH electrode inside an outer membrane that only ammonia can permeate. Cyanide and sulfide standards not included with respective kits.
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