Alcian blue 8GX, certified biological stain C.I. 74240

Supplier: Electron Microscopy Sciences

Synonyms: C.I. 74240C.N. AnAn-6Ingrain Blue 1Alcian blue 8 GX

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Alcian blue 8GX, certified biological stain C.I. 74240
Alcian blue 8 GX

Used as a fixative, 0.5-2% Alcian Blue in glutaraldehyde enhances the preservation and constrast of the cell coat and intercellular substances. It is also used for staining cell surfaces, and as a wetting agent.

Can be used as a stain for staining cell surface materials and cartilage components (Schofield, et al., Histochem J. 7, 139, 1975) and as a wetting agent (Sommer, J. R (1977). To cationize glass. J.Cell Bio. 75, 245a).
Alcian blue and ruthenium red were used to study cartilage ultrastructure (Thyberg, J., Lohmander, S., and Friberg, U., J. Ultrastruct. Res., 45, 407 (1973)).

Certifications: Certified by the Biological Stain Commission.

Caution: All Dyes/Stains are for research use only. Not meant for drug, food household use.

Formula: C₅₆H₆₈Cl₄CuN₁₆S₄
MW: 1298.86 g/mol
MDL Number: MFCD00010720
CAS Number: 33864-99-2

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