PureTemp® Phase Change Materials, Sonoco ThermoSafe

Supplier: Sonoco
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10770-554CS 613.77 USD
10770-554 75875-922 89496-040 10841-252 89496-038 89496-036 89496-042 75875-920 10841-254 89496-050 89496-044 10770-552 75875-924 75959-620 89496-048 89496-034 75875-926 75875-928 89496-046
PureTemp® Phase Change Materials, Sonoco ThermoSafe
Cooling Packs
PureTemp® Phase Change Materials (PCM) liquefy or solidify at precise temperatures.

  • Biodegradable
  • USDA BioPreferred® designation
  • Reduces shipping weight, freight, warehouse space, and packout space
  • Extensive range of temperature options
  • Eliminates thermal shock with fewer excursions
  • Increases payload efficiency
  • Reduces shipping weight and freight costs
  • Simplifies packout inventory and process
  • Decreases box size for less warehouse and packout space
  • Eliminates bench-time
  • Increases shipping duration

A convenient alternative to water-based ice packs and gel packs

PureTemp comes in foam bricks, hard bottles and a 2-cell pillow panel. Constant temperature during freezing or melting provides constant temperature control. Less PureTemp material is required for temperature control when compared to water-based refrigerants.

The durable 2-cell pillow panel design of F20202A allows for a protective wrap around highly temperature sensitive specimen samples and diagnostic materials during transport and shipping that cannot experience a deviation of temperature less than 4 °C. Use this advanced phase change technology in combination with an insulated shipper or envelope for additional assurance. Ideal for the prevention of cold shock when it matters most. The PureTemp product remains in a liquid state when the surrounding temperature is greater than 4 °C. When exposed to temperatures less than 4°C, the phase change material will begin to solidify and release stored energy thereby protecting the product from cooler temperatures.

When the surrounding temperature of the PCMs falls below the phase temperature, they solidify and release their stored energy. If the temperature rises above the phase temperature, they liquefy and absorb excess energy. These two phenomena protect the product from excessive heat and cold to help maintain product temperature for extended periods of time. PureTemp is engineered to react to a precise temperature, from -40 ° to +37 °C, and to operate in a very narrow temperature range. It is also renewable and biodegradable.
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