Acclaim™ AmG C18 Aminoglycoside Analysis Columns, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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Acclaim™ AmG C18 Aminoglycoside Analysis Columns, Thermo Scientific
Chromatography Columns
The Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ AmG C18 column is a high efficiency and throughput silica-based C18 column designed for ion-pairing reversed-phase liquid chromatographic analysis of various aminoglycoside antibiotics, including drug purity and impurity characterization and quantification, therapeutic drug monitoring, and residual control testing in different matrices.

The 3 µm, silica stationary phase is based on a proprietary C18 bonding technology that provides superior tolerance towards acidic conditions. This specialty column exhibits excellent selectivity and high resolution for the aminoglycoside antibiotics analysis. In addition, it is easy to use because simple aqueous mobile phase (e.g. 100 mM TFA) without organic solvent and pH adjusting buffer is sufficient in most cases.

The unique column chemistry provides unusual tolerance toward low pH, high temperature, and aqueous mobile phases.
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