U-2D™ Micro-sample management system with racked inserts

Supplier: MicroSolv
95296-1ML-PK 95296-10P-CS 95296-U2D-500 95296-350-D-CS 95296-350-3P 95296-SB-CS 95296-500-1P 95296-SB-PK 95296-U2D-1ML 95296-500-3R 95296-350-PK 95296-350-3R 95296-30P-EA 95296-1ML-1P 95296-05N 95296-I-500 95296-I-1ML 95296-350-CS 95296-500-3P 95296-350-1DP 95296-1ML-3P 95296-1ML-CS 95296-350-3DP 95296-1ML-3R 95296-500-CS 95296-350-1P 95296-30P-CS 95296-500-PK 95296-500-1R 95296-10P-EA 95296-1ML-1R 95296-350-D-PK 95296-U2D 95296-350-1R
76040-444PK 130.89 USD
76040-444 10002-796 10002-794 76045-348 10002-810 76045-326 75854-082 10002-798 76040-448 10002-792 10014-946 10002-790 10002-826 10002-804 76040-460 10002-802 10002-824 10002-808 10002-806 10002-764 76040-456 76040-534 76040-458 10002-800 76040-452 76040-476 76040-454 76045-350 76077-104 76045-330 76057-654 76040-470 76040-450 76057-650
U-2D™ Micro-sample management system with racked inserts
Microplates Insert Plates and Inserts
Manage multiple low volume samples in a 96 well format and a unique split rack with glass inserts for vials.

  • 350 µl inserts can be used individually by dropping them into a 2 ml vial
  • Compatible with plate readers
  • Fill the inserts with multi-channel pipettors for quick and easy sample preparation
  • Transport inserts safely

Use this unique sample management system that is designed for preparing samples or for injecting them with autosamplers. Each rack is supplied with 96 glass inserts that are installed and ready for use. The included insert rack can be split from the base allowing full visual inspection of the insert bottoms to identify and remove bubble formation. Achieve even and thorough thermal control of all samples by inserting into a water bath or using other heat or cooling methods. The complete rack and inserts are compatible with all autosamplers that accept the ANSI standard 96-well format if desired.
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