Plant Growth Chambers, 7300 Series, Caron Products

Supplier: Caron Products
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Plant Growth Chambers, 7300 Series, Caron Products
Testing Chambers Plant Growth Chambers
Caron’s full line of Plant Growth Chambers provides precision environmental conditions for the growth of vibrant, healthy plants.

Models are configured by application, for easy selection. Choices include General and High Intensity growth, and Arabidopsis/Algae, Plant Tissue Culture, and Seed Germination. Relevant applications include general plant growth experiments, standard plant production, lighting for vascular plants, plant pathology, plant morphology, algae production, genetic studies, pharmaceutical development and medicinal plant production, plant physiology, plant biochemistry, and plant molecular biology. Accessories are also available to adjust a chamber to fit your specific needs.

Caron designs environmentally efficient products that save both energy and money. Unlike competitive chambers with constant-on refrigeration, Caron's gROD™ Refrigeration on Demand control system operates only when needed to maintain setpoint temperature. Chamber insulation in highly efficient CFC-free foamed-in-place polyurethane foam, for high thermal retention, and reduced load on your lab's HVAC system.

Note: View the Product Accessories List, in Datasheets under Related Information. To order specific accessories, search by VWR part number.

These chambers deliver the most accurately controlled conditions for optimum plant research and repeatable, reliable results, through tight uniform control of temperature and a balanced lighting spectrum. The high efficiency earth-friendly gLux™ fluorescent lamps are modular, expandable and waterproof. Lamp banks are precisely spaced for uniformed, balanced light spectrum across all locations. Independent light banks allow you tolight the chamber according to your requirements.

Certifications: UL Listed. CE compliant.

Ordering information: Accessories available separately.
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