Capto™ MMC ImpRes Multimodal Chromatography Media, Cytiva

Supplier: Cytiva
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Capto™ MMC ImpRes Multimodal Chromatography Media, Cytiva
Protein Purification Protein Purification Resins
Capto MMC ImpRes can be used for initial or final polishing steps in MAb purification processes, as well as for polishing of antibody fragments such as domain antibodies (DAbs). The wide window of operation for conductivity and/or pH simplifies the process as conditioning after the protein A step can be omitted.

  • High yields achieved through the high-resolution beads and selectivity of the ligand
  • Enables use of a platform approach to MAb process development
  • Displays a broad pH/salt operational window
  • Suitable for polishing of antibody fragments
  • Efficient removal of aggregates, viruses, and main contaminants in MAb processes

The weak cation exchange multimodal ligand enables high selectivity in a broad pH/salt window compared with traditional ion exchangers, which allows the use of Capto MMC ImpRes in a variety of process conditions to solve challenging purification problems. The multimodal cation exchanger ligand of Capto MMC ImpRes is immobilized to the base matrix and interacts with the target molecule through multiple types of interactions.

Capto MMC ImpRes is available in a range of different bulk pack sizes for easy scale-up and pre-packed formats for process development. As member of the BioProcess media range, Capto MMC ImpRes meets industrial demands with security of supply and comprehensive technical and regulatory support.

When working with sensitive MAbs, the wide window of operation simplifies optimization of conditions.
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