Glass Fiber Filters, Water Quality, Advantec MFS

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GA55124MM GF7513MM GC50125MM GC5055MM GC50100MM GF75150MM GC50257MM GF75142MM GA55142MM GC50293MM GA5525MM GF7547MM GC50110MM GC5075MM GA558X10IN GC5013MM GC50150MM GF7537MM GC5037MM GA5555MM GF7555MM GA5537MM GA55150MM GC5047MM GC50142MM GF75293MM GA5590MM GC50124MM GA55110MM GC5025MM GF7570MM GF7542.5MM GF75110MM GF7525MM GA55125MM GA5547MM GF7521MM GF7590MM GC5090MM GF7524MM GF75125MM
101102-538PK 372.12 USD
101102-538 102831-058 101102-334 101102-214 101103-082 101103-080 101102-332 101102-212 101102-370 101102-252 101103-036 101103-018 102939-568 101103-072 101103-134 101103-132 102831-104 102831-068 101103-092 101102-246 101102-148 101102-226 102831-106 101102-220 101102-242 101102-484 101102-144 101102-222 102831-066 101102-140 101102-184 101102-240 102831-064 101102-340 101102-142 101102-290 101103-026 102831-070 101103-024 101102-508 101103-068
Glass Fiber Filters, Water Quality, Advantec MFS
Filters Glass Fiber Filters
Glass fiber filters are depth filters that feature high-loading capacity, fast flow rates, and offer chemical and heat resistance.

Grade GA55 thin filter is recommended for clarifying filtration and air pollution monitoring. Grade GB140 is a thick filter with a high loading capacity. Used in industrial waste analysis and for suspended solids.

Grade GC50 thin filter is recommended as a prefilter for membrane or suspended solids and pollutants in water. This low absorption filter is suitable for scintillation counting thanks to a high collection efficiency (DOP) of 99.99%.

Grade GD120 has high wet strength and high-loading capacity. Ideal as prefilter for membrane <1.2 µm.

Grade GF75 collects very fine particles thanks to a high collection efficiency at 99.999% (DOP) for collecting IgG or other very fine protein precipitates. Slower flow.

General purpose and clarifying filtration grades. Binder-free.

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