Glass Fiber Filters, High Wet Strength, Advantec MFS

Supplier: Advantec
GS2547MM GC90257MM DP70293MM GS2575MM GC9047MM GS2590MM DP7047MM DP7013MM GS25257MM GC90124MM DP7025MM DP70124MM GC9025MM GC90293MM GC9090MM GS2542.5MM GC9013MM GS25142MM GC90150MM GS25293MM DP70142MM DP70257MM GC9050MM GS2555MM GS25124MM GC90142MM DP7090MM
101103-060PK 615.35 USD
101103-060 101102-578 102831-074 102831-072 102831-078 101102-152 102831-076 102831-080 101103-118 101103-050 101102-518 101102-548 101102-902 101102-660 101102-188 101102-584 101102-520 101102-322 101102-382 101103-104 101103-048 101103-128 101103-040 101103-084 101103-062 101102-628 101103-044
Glass Fiber Filters, High Wet Strength, Advantec MFS
Filters Glass Fiber Filters
Organic binder gives these filters higher wet strength and lower fiber release compared to binder-free grades.

Grade GC90 is recommended for fine particles and aerosols, clinical screening, or prefilter for membrane.

Grade DP70 has very high loading capacity. Recommended for liquids with high concentration of protein and other substances.

Grade GS25 is a thin filter with less loading capacity as others. Can be used for suspended solids analysis.

Recommended for high pressure filtration, applications requiring wet strength, or as a prefilter.

Ordering information: Available in other diameters.
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