CleanStep™ Sticky Mat, Texwipe®

Supplier: Texwipe
AMA183682B AMA254581G AMA183681G AMA243681B AMA183682W AMA254581W AMA254581B AMA364681G AMA364682B AMA364681W AMA364682W AMA243682W AMA183681B AMA183681W AMA184681B AMA254582G AMA364681B AMA254582B AMA254582W
TWAMA243682WCS 170.71 USD
TWAMA243682W 89041-780 89041-770 TWAMA184681B 89041-738 89041-768 89041-736 TWAMA243681B 89041-740 89041-784 89041-774 89041-782 89041-772 89041-788 89041-734 89041-778 89041-786 89041-732 89041-776
CleanStep™ Sticky Mat, Texwipe®
Floor Mats Tacky Mats
CleanStep™ adhesive mats is made of high grade polyethylene and it is ideal for cleanrooms and critical areas.

  • Features an antimicrobial agent to prevent bacterial growth
  • Numbered corner tabs to simplify inventory and replacement
  • Available in 5 sizes, 3 colors, and 30 or 60 layer options
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