Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Lab Activity

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Forensic Chemistry of Blood Types Lab Activity
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Be The Forensic Scientists!

  • Safely use simulated blood for this detailed analysis
  • All required chemicals are included

Blood typing is a method of classifying blood based on the presence or absence of specific proteins, called antigens, on the surface of red blood cells. Blood type, an inherited characteristic, is valuable to know in that it affects medical procedures, such as surgery and transfusions, paternity testing, as well as serving as evidence in criminal investigations. Determining blood type can help provide supporting evidence or eliminate a possible suspect’s involvement in a crime.

Ordering information: Includes Blood Typing Trays, Simulated Blood Samples, Victim Blood Sample, Suspect # 1 Blood Sample, Suspect #2 Blood Sample, Crime Scene Blood Sample, ABO/RH Blood Typing Anti-sera, Mixing Sticks, and Teacher's Guide and Student Copymaster.
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