BAX® System Q7 Startup Package, Hygiena™, Qualicon Diagnostics LLC

Supplier: Hygiena
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BAX® System Q7 Startup Package, Hygiena™, Qualicon Diagnostics LLC
Microbiology Test Systems PCR Tests
The Hygiena™ BAX® System offers advanced, automated detection of foodborne pathogens, spoilage organisms and other microbes in raw ingredients, finished products and environmental samples.

The BAX System uses the power of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to automatically amplify and detect targeted bacterial DNA. First, the DNA is amplified through a series of timed heating and cooling cycles. These cycles produce an exponential increase in the number of targeted DNA fragments, if present, creating millions of copies in a very short time. If the target sequence is present, the BAX System automatically detects the amplified fragments by measuring a fluorescent signal within the sample. If the target sequence is not present, no detectable amplification takes place.

The BAX System Q7 instrument uses optimized PCR assays (sold separately) that target specific DNA fragments unique to each target organism, providing a stable, reliable indicator that the organism is present and vastly reducing the potential for cross reactions with similar organisms. To further simplify the process, the BAX System assays provide all requisite PCR primers, polymerase and nucleotides as a stable, dry, manufactured tablet in sealed PCR tubes to eliminate the need for reagent preparation. After amplification, these tubes remain sealed for the detection phase, significantly reducing the potential for sample or laboratory contamination with the amplified PCR product.

Ordering information: Startup Package includes one BAX System Q7 instrument and computer workstation; two analog heating blocks with inserts and thermometers; three cooling block assemblies; BAX System capping/de-capping tools; multi-channel, adjustable, and repeating pipettes with tips for 96 tests; cluster tube racks with tubes/caps for 96 tests; PCR tube holder tray and racks with tubes/caps for 96 tests; powder-free nitrile gloves; user documentation.
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