SHURClean Histology Hoods, Triangle Biomedical

Supplier: Triangle Biomedical
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SHURClean Histology Hoods, Triangle Biomedical
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Biological and Microbiological Safety Cabinets
A clean air workplace is essential in today’s health conscious environment

There are three popular styles available. The Open-Front Histology Hood Model accommodates the TBS SHURWave™ microwave tissue processor. Available in 36” or 48” widths. The Sloped-Front Histology Hood Model utilizes hinged sashes for manual grossing and/ or staining applications. Available in 36” or 48” widths. Meets operator face velocity requirements of published industry standards with sashes closed. The Downdraft Histology Hood Model is for manual coverslipping applications that utilize Xylene based mounting medium.

We offer a series of economical benchtop histology hoods that have CAP and CLIA certifications. Our histology hoods are specifically designed to manage manual histological processes thus providing protection of the histologist and adjacent room occupants.
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