Ceramic Multibore Tubes, AL23, Round, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

32601-DM 32716-DM 32712-DM 32718-EH 32716-DR 32708-DM 32708-EO 32601-QAT 32714-EO 32601-QAT 32716-EM 32708-DT 32712-DR 32601-NU 32718-DM 32712-DW 32716-DT 32712-DW 32710-EH 32716-EO 32712-DT 32714-QAT 32718-EO 32714-DW 32716-EH 32716-QAT 32710-EM 32718-DM 32603-DM 32708-EO 32714-EH 32712-DR 32718-DR 32710-DT 32718-DW 32603-DM 32716-DR 32716-DT 32710-DR 32603-DW 32718-EH 32716-EM 32718-EM 32714-EM 32603-DR 32708-EM 32601-NU 32712-DM 32712-QAT 32708-DM 32710-DR 32708-DW 32708-DR 32710-DW 32714-DW 32714-DR 32601-DT 32603-DW 32710-EO 32603-DT 32718-EO 32603-QAT 32601-DT 32710-DT 32718-DT 32716-EO 32714-EH 32710-DW 32714-DR 32716-QAT 32712-EM 32708-DW 32718-QAT 32710-EM 32716-DW 32716-DM 32710-EO 32710-EH 32708-DT 32603-DR 32716-EH 32601-DR 32603-QAT 32601-DR 32710-DM 32710-QAT 32718-EM 32712-EO 32601-DW 32708-QAT 32712-EH 32712-EO 32603-DT 32708-EH 32714-QAT 32712-EH 32714-DM 32710-QAT 32710-DM 32718-DW 32716-DW 32712-EM 32718-DT 32712-QAT 32718-DR 32601-DM 32708-EH 32712-DT 32708-DR 32714-EO 32708-EM 32718-QAT 32714-DT 32708-QAT 32714-DM 32714-EM 32601-DW 32714-DT
AA32710-EMEA 70.75 USD
AA32710-EM AA32710-EH CAAA32712-DW CAAA32603-DT AA32710-QAT CAAA32712-DR AA32712-QAT CAAA32603-DW CAAA32712-DT CAAA32712-EO AA32601-DW AA32710-DW CAAA32712-EM AA32710-DR CAAA32712-EH AA32601-DR AA32710-DT AA32601-DT AA32710-DM AA32601-DM CAAA32718-DM CAAA32718-DR CAAA32718-DT CAAA32718-DW CAAA32710-DM CAAA32601-DM CAAA32708-QAT AA32712-EM AA32716-QAT AA32712-EO CAAA32718-EM CAAA32718-EO CAAA32710-DT AA32708-QAT AA32712-EH CAAA32601-QAT CAAA32710-DW CAAA32710-DR CAAA32710-EM CAAA32710-EO AA32712-DT AA32601-QAT AA32712-DW CAAA32710-EH AA32712-DR CAAA32718-EH AA32712-DM AA32603-QAT AA32601-NU AA32714-QAT CAAA32603-DM CAAA32716-DT CAAA32716-DR CAAA32603-DR CAAA32716-DM AA32708-EH AA32714-EO AA32714-EM AA32708-EO AA32708-EM AA32714-EH CAAA32716-DW AA32708-DW CAAA32716-EO CAAA32710-QAT CAAA32716-EM AA32714-DW AA32714-DT AA32714-DR CAAA32716-EH AA32708-DM CAAA32603-QAT AA32718-QAT AA32714-DM AA32708-DR AA32708-DT CAAA32714-DR CAAA32712-QAT CAAA32708-DM CAAA32714-DM CAAA32708-DT CAAA32708-DR CAAA32708-DW AA32716-EO AA32716-EM CAAA32601-DT CAAA32716-QAT CAAA32601-DR AA32716-EH CAAA32601-DW CAAA32708-EH CAAA32714-DW CAAA32714-DT CAAA32708-EM CAAA32714-EO CAAA32714-QAT CAAA32714-EM CAAA32708-EO AA32718-DM AA32603-DT AA32603-DR AA32716-DW AA32718-DR AA32603-DW CAAA32714-EH AA32718-DT AA32716-DT CAAA32718-QAT AA32716-DR AA32718-DW AA32716-DM AA32603-DM CAAA32601-NU AA32718-EH AA32718-EM CAAA32712-DM AA32718-EO AA32710-EO
Ceramic Multibore Tubes, AL23, Round, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Tubing Ceramic Tubing
Pure Al₂O₃ Aluminium oxide, AL23.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Permeable to microwaves

Dense, excellent thermal and electrical resistance properties.
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