Extran® MA 01 Liquid Detergent for Manual Washing, MilliporeSigma

Supplier: MilliporeSigma
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EM1.07555.1000CS 263.08 USD
EM1.07555.1000 EM1.07555.9025 CA1.07555.5000 EM1.07555.5000 CA1.07555.9010 CA1.07555.1000 EM-EX0993-20 EM1.07555.9010 CA1.07555.2500 EM1.07555.2500 CAEX0993-20 CA1.07555.9025
Extran® MA 01 Liquid Detergent for Manual Washing, MilliporeSigma
Cleaning Agents Detergents and Surface Cleansers
Extran® MA 01 is a universal cleaner for the removal of heavy contamination. In wiping tables, tiles, floors. In soaking for the automated cleaning of laboratory equipment.

  • Liquid
  • Alkaline
  • Chlorine-free
  • Free from odorants/dyestuffs

The ideal dosage depends on the hardness of the water and the level of contamination of the item to be cleaned.

Recommended application concentrations:
- For normal contamination: 2%
- For heavier contamination: 5%
- For very tough stains up to 20%

pH value (5%; water) 11.0–12.0

Accessories information: To support accurate dosage and safe handling in manual cleaning, MilliporeSigma supplies 1 liter Extran® bottles with a special dosing aid. The bottle and attachment are perfectly matched to facilitate
dosage. Since neither too little nor too much detergent is used, you benefit from reliable cleaning as well as economical use. The reusable Extran® dosing aid can also be ordered separately if required.

Caution: Do not use on alkali-sensitive materials such as aluminum.
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