Sartorius Biohit Family Pipette Calibration Depot Services, Sartorius

Supplier: Sartorius

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Sartorius Biohit Family Pipette Calibration Depot Services, Sartorius
Sartorius Liquid Handling mail-in pipette calibration services are designed to provide high-quality pipette calibration with simplified options.

  • Computer-Generated Calibration Certificates
  • Evaluation Against Manufacturer’s Known Tolerances for Systematic and Random Error
  • Pipettes Receive a Calibration Sticker with the Service Date and Next Recommended Calibration Date
  • Secure Transit Cartons for Each Shipment
  • Simplified Service and Decontamination Forms

Pipet services feature computer-generated calibration certificates, an evaluation against manufacturer’s known tolerances for systematic and random error, a calibration sticker with the service date and next recommended calibration date for pipets, secure transit cartons for each shipment, and simplified service and decontamination forms

Users can choose from three types of services: Calibration with Cleaning and Lubrication, Calibration with Critical-Part Replacement (for Biohit/Sartorius pipets only), and Preventative Maintenance.

All models receive a visual leak test, and all multi-channel units receive a linearity check.

Certifications: All calibration equipment and certificates are ISO compliant and traceable through NIST. ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory.

Accessories information: Additional “As Found” performance checks are available.
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