Soy Hydrolysate, MP Biomedicals

Supplier: MP Biomedicals
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Soy Hydrolysate, MP Biomedicals
Media for Microbiology Additives and Supplements for Microbiology
Soy hydrolysate is an enzymatic (papain) digest of soybean meal. It is a plant source peptone. Soy hydrolysate is useful in media where high clarity is not required.

  • Yellowish tan powder
  • pH (2% aq soln): 6.7 to 7.5
  • Sulphated ash content ≤11.5%
  • Store at room temperature (15 to 30 °C)

Soluble in 100 mg/ml water. Loss of weight on drying is ≤5%. It contains total nitrogen- ≥8.0%; nitrogen, AN/TN - 17.0 to 28.0. Standard plate count to be ≤10000 and Enterobacteriaceae ≤10 CFU/G.
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