SPOT CloneSaver Holder, Qiagen

Supplier: Qiagen
WB100034 WB100034
10035-856PK 763.3 USD
CA11014-008 10035-856
SPOT CloneSaver Holder, Qiagen
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
SPOT CloneSaver Holder is a rigid frame that allows automated spotting to standard CloneSaver Cards.

Designed for the collection, long-term storage and purification of plasmid and BAC DNA in a 96-well format. Bacterial cultures, resuspended colonies or glycerol stock are applied, cells are lysed, and plasmid or BAC DNA is stabilised for long-term storage or immediate processing. DNA is easily accessible for downstream applications, such as transformation, PCR or sequencing. Up to 96 samples can be stored on each card.

The SPOT CloneSaver Holder is compatible with standard liquid handlers manufactured by companies such as Beckman Coulter and Tecan Instruments.

It keeps the card flat for uniform and precise spotting of biological samples. The 96-well card is easily inserted into the ANSI/SBS-compatible frame, which can then be placed onto a liquid-handling deck just like a multiwell plate.
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