Giemsa's stain for microscopy, Sigma-Aldrich®

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Synonyms: Giemsa's azur-eosin-methylene blueAzure mixture sicc. Giemsa stainAzur-Eosin-Methylene blue acc. Giemsa

M-Clarity™ quality level = MQ400

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EM1.09203.0025CS 6945.96 USD
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Giemsa's stain for microscopy, Sigma-Aldrich®
Giemsa's stain

Giemsa's staining is one of the standard procedures in histology, hematology, cytology and bacteriology. The Giemsa's azur-eosin-methylene blue dye is a dry dye that is used for the preparation of a staining solution. This solution can be used for the staining of blood and bone marrow smears, paraffin sections, spirochaets and clinical-cytological specimens of human origin.

The stain demonstrates various cells with their morphological features better than e.g. with H&E stain in histology and it can also be used to detect Helicobacter pylori in gastric tissue biopsies. Alternatively, for some applications, among others, May-Grünwald's eosin-methylene blue can be used as a substitute for Giemsa's solution. The dye is an IVD product and CE registered, thus follows extremely high quality standards.

Storage Temperature: Ambient
MDL Number: MFCD00081642
CAS Number: 51811-82-6
EINECS: 257-438-2

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Specification Test Results

Identity (UV/VIS-Spectrum) passes test
Loss on drying (105 °C) ≤ 10 %
Suitability for microscopy (Blood smear) passes test
Nuclei violet
Lymphocytes (Plasma) blue
Monocytes (Plasma) grey blue
basophilic granulocytes (Granules) dark violet
eosinophilic granulocytes (Granules) reddish to red-brown
Neutrophilic granulocytes (Granules) red-violet
Thrombocytes violet
Erythrocytes reddish-brownish
Blood parasites (Nuclei) lightred

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