Diethyl pyrocarbonate ≥97%, ultrapure

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Synonyms: Diethyl dicarbonateDEPC (Diethylpyrocarbonate)DEPC

J14710-AE J14710-AC
101170-852EA 511.54 USD
101170-852 101172-448
Diethyl pyrocarbonate ≥97%, ultrapure
Diethyl pyrocarbonate

A strong, non-specific inhibitor of ribonuclease. Reacts with the N1 of histidine residues in proteins under mild conditions. It can be used to cross-link and modify proteins by ethoxyformylation of NH₂ and imidazole groups in proteins. It reacts with amines and thus cannot be used with Tris buffer.

Formula: O(COOC₂H₅)₂
MW: 162.14 g/mol
Boiling Pt: 93…94 °C/18 mm
Melting Pt: 69 °C
Density: 1.101
Flash Pt: 69 °C(156 °F)
Storage Temperature: Refrigerator
MDL Number: MFCD00009106
CAS Number: 1609-47-8
EINECS: 216-542-8
Merck Index: 14,07998

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Assay (unspecified) ≥97%

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