Non-Indicating FTA® Elute Micro Cards, Qiagen

Supplier: Qiagen
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Non-Indicating FTA® Elute Micro Cards, Qiagen
Nucleic Acid Storage Systems
FTA® Elute Cards utilise FTA® technology that simplifies the handling and processing of nucleic acids. DNA is eluted in an easy step, providing DNA in solution ready for amplification. Available as non-indicating cards for use with colored samples, such as blood.

  • Samples can be collected, shipped, and preserved at room temperature, eliminating the high costs associated with shipping samples on ice and with laboratory freezer storage
  • Sample processing time to isolate DNA of 15 to 30 minutes, thanks to a simple hot water elution procedure eliminating the cost of using a purification kit
  • Minimal volume requirements (12–40µL per collection area) avoiding large blood volume handling/processing
  • Haemoglobin, a known PCR inhibitor, is bound to the FTA® Elute matrix - DNA is recovered in solution free of PCR inhibitors

Immediate stabilization and protection of nucleic acids due to FTA technology.

Long term archiving of samples at room temperature due to FTA card technology.

FTA technology consists of two distinct chemistries, both of which have the ability to lyse cells on contact, denature proteins, and protect DNA from degradation. FTA Elute contains a chaotropic salt. With FTA Elute, proteins remain tightly bound while DNA is eluted from the matrix. With FTA Elute, eluted DNA can be used for Multiplex PCR, sequencing after PCR amplification, STR analysis (standard amplification), HLA typing, whole genome amplification, quantitative PCR, biobanking, pharmacogenomics, genotyping, genetic identification, transgenic detection and sequencing.
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