RapID® Tags Automated Animal Identification Ear Tags, RapID Lab

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RapID® Tags Automated Animal Identification Ear Tags, RapID Lab
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RapID® Tags are minimally invasive mini-ear tags which provide fast and accurate identification of mice and other lab rodents

The embedded 2-D matrix barcode scans instantly with 100% accuracy, eliminating animal identification errors and providing millions of different automated ID codes. RapID Tag barcodes contain a combination of alpha-numeric digits resulting in millions of unique ID numbers that seamlessly integrate into vivarium and study management software. RapID Tags come in 5 vibrant colors providing rapid visual identification without disturbing caged animals. RapID Tags can also be color matched to computer generated labels to be used for specimens and cage cards, available through our exclusive website application.

The unique design encapsulates a hardened 2-D matrix barcode in a tough, chew-resistant medical grade polymer body. This inert material reduces tissue reaction and irritation. RapID Tags are autoclave and MRI compatible.

Ordering information: RapID Tags starter kit is highly recommended for first time customers. The starter kit includes 200 RapID Tags, 40 practice tags, applicator and removal tool. Orders for additional RapID Tags come in minimum quantities of 200 per box (See Accessories). RapID Tags are ordered and shipped in five colors – 40 of each color per box. Scanner not included. RapID Lab has tested and recommends the CODE CR1400 scanner although any ordinary light scanner is compatible.
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