VWR® Garment Recycling Solution

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VWR® Garment Recycling Solution
Boxes Waste Disposal Boxes
This easy-to-use recycling program provides a complete waste collection, shipment and recycling solution for used disposable apparel.

  • Comprehensive recycling solution to reduce landfill waste
  • Drives sustainable business practices
  • Portion of sales donated to the VWR Foundation

All brands of disposable apparel are accepted as long as they are clean and do not harbor any contaminants

Disposable garments have been a significant waste stream to landfills and incinerators because they are made of a mixture of materials that makes them difficult to recycle. This program offers a convenient opportunity to recycle an abundant source of waste found in nearly every large pharmaceutical production facility by diverting typically hard-to-recycle products into new, permanent infrastructure with a lasting impact.

The plastic waste is recycled into resin that is used to make permanent infrastructure including composite decking, railroad ties and drainage pipes.

Ordering information: There are now two recycling program options. Both options include return shipping.

VWR 12-Pk Recycling Option: You will receive a pack of 12 boxes, with each collection box holding up to 30 pounds of garments. Once all 12 boxes are filled, they are returned together as a full pallet. Each pallet will hold approximately 360 pounds of used garments. When the pallet is full, simply fill out the Bill of Lading copies, provided with the boxes, and call or email UPS for pick-up.

VWR Gaylord Recycling Option: You can now use your own Gaylord box to ship garments back for recycling. You will receive an envelope with instructions, signs for your own collection containers, and Bill of Lading copies for return shipping. Simply fill up a Gaylord box, place your box on a pallet for return shipping and call or email UPS for pick-up.
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