Polycarbonate Shaker Flasks, TriForest Enterprises

Supplier: TriForest
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Polycarbonate Shaker Flasks, TriForest Enterprises
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TriForest shaker flasks are manufactured with virgin, optically clear, non leaching LEXAN® resin that retains clarity after gamma radiation.

  • Certified pyrogen free and DNase/RNase free
  • Flasks fit all standard shaking incubator clamps and can be placed on any platform
  • Autoclavable

Comes standard with a convenient vented DuoCap. Simply remove the dustguard cover to allow sterile exchange, and then replace the cover when ready. There is no hassle or risk associated with switching caps. The TriForest vented DuoCap is two caps in one. The cap is constructed in standard blue polypropelene with a PTFE 0.22 micron membrane that is ideal for aerobic/anaerobic cell culture.

Ideal for cell cultures, microbial cultures, plant and media preparation, storage and all related applications.

Ordering information: Choose baffled base flasks when increased levels of oxygenation add mixing are required.
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