Shimadzu Nexera X2 Series HPLC/UHPLC, Shimadzu

Supplier: Shimadzu
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Shimadzu Nexera X2 Series HPLC/UHPLC, Shimadzu
Shimadzu’s Nexera X2 Series delivers superior, real-world performance across a wider application range while delivering unparalleled flexibility and reliability in HPLC/UHPLC analyses

Key features include ultrahigh-throughput and clean autosampler–perfect front-end systems for all LCMS platforms, automated solvent blending and method scouting–ideal for method development, new PDA detector–offers superior sensitivity and resolution, achieving a 0.4 × 10-5 AU noise level for genuine UHPLC analysis, intelligent peak deconvolution analysis (i-PDeA) function–unique software solution to separate and accurately integrate co-eluting peaks and intelligent dynamic range extension calculator (i-DReC), which extends the dynamic range so low concentration (trace or impurity compounds) and very high concentration samples can be accurately analyzed in a single injection.

The Nexera X2 is optimized to enable analysis at pressures up to 19,000 psi without compromising performance and data quality. Nexera X2 autosamplers provide near-zero carryover, support ultrafast analysis with the world’s fastest cycle time (14 secs) and deliver excellent injection reproducibility down to 0.1 μL injection volumes. In addition, the Nexera X2 systems can be configured with a variety of solvent delivery units and column ovens to meet any laboratory workflow.

Certifications: UL Listed and CSA Listed.

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