25/42 Place Fusion Furnaces, Furnace and Assay Supplies

Supplier: Klen International
FAS-110-LPG1 FAS-110-NG1 FAS-110-LPG2 FAS-110-OIL FAS-110-NG2
CA11023-242EA 53779.57 USD
CA11023-242 CA11023-238 CA76047-130 CA11023-240 CA76047-128
25/42 Place Fusion Furnaces, Furnace and Assay Supplies
Ovens Furnaces (Ashing and Muffle Ovens)
These 25/42-place fusion furnaces are available with LPG, natural gas or diesel fuel source options. Crucibles should be 25 x 50g or 42 x 40g.

  • Suitable for small labs; 100-400 samples per day including standards
  • Base construction uses high-quality 75 x 75 RHS
  • Furnace body construction is durable 5mm laser-cut plate
  • High quality refractory brick and insulation
  • Bolt holes in base plates of all 4 legs for individual adjustment on uneven surfaces
  • Pneumatic door controls with foot pedal controller—available with an optional hand valve controller

This furnace has a fan forced single burner system with an automatic igniton system

The door has a pneumatic ram opening system with an easy to use foot pedal control or optional hand valve that allows you to open the door part-way so that you can check inside with minimal temperature loss.

Temperature is monitored and modulated automatically by a Type K thermocouple system and Omron temperature controller pre-set for a maximum temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius. This controller is simple to operate, and has a 2-level display (PV and SV) that shows actual temperature as well as the temperature the furnace is set to.

Ordering information: For optional equipment, contact your sales representative.

Caution: Please note that a minimum of 1 meter clearance around the furnace is required.
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