VWR® LB Broth Liquid

Supplier: Avantor
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VWR® LB Broth Liquid
Media for Microbiology Prepared Media for Microbiology
LB Broth, Liquid is used for the propagation and maintenance of E.coli. Widely used for the preparation of plasmid DNA and recombinant proteins.

  • Ready to use liquid media
  • Clear, yellow to brown liquid

1L of media contains 10 grams of sodium chloride, 10 grams of tryptone/ cesein peptone, 5 grams of yeast extract bacteriological.

No growth detected in Bioburden (Milliflex) (EQC) test. pH @25°C is 6.65 - 7.15. It has refractive index of 1.334 - 1.342. Specific Gravity at 20°C is 1.0116 - 1.0128. Abs.@260nm (1:100, Water) is 0.2263 - 0.2663.
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