Anti-POLD1 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

Supplier: Prosci

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Anti-POLD1 Mouse Monoclonal Antibody
DNA polymerase d (delta) functions in DNA replication and DNA repair. It also possesses 3' to 5' exonuclease activity. In leading strand synthesis it requires the processivity factor, PCNA. It is also possibly involved in the completion of DNA synthesis during Okazaki fragment elongation following the initiation of synthesis by the DNA polymerase a/primase complex.

POLD1 antibody can be used in ELISA, Western Blot starting at 1:500 - 1:2000, immunohistochemistry starting at 1:200, and flow cytometry starting at 1:200 - 1:400.

Protein G Column


Aliquot and store at -20°C. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

Type: Primary
Antigen: POLD1
Clonality: Monoclonal
Clone: [607]
Conjugation: Unconjugated
Host: Mouse
Isotype: IgG
Reactivity: Human
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