Measurement of Biodegradability, OxiTop® control A6/A12

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Measurement of Biodegradability, OxiTop® control A6/A12
BOD Measurement Systems
  • The determination of the biodegradability should be checked before “new” chemicals are used for the first time, not only for environmental reasons but also to minimise disposal charges. The samples are prepared according to the instructions and blanks are stirred at a constant temperature for 28 days in closed bottles. The CO₂ produced is removed from the gas space by means of an absorber so that the resulting negative pressure is a measure of the biodegradability. The continuous recording of the values in the OxiTop®-C means that the required documentation can be guaranteed in an optimal manner.

The measuring bottles and adapters can be autoclaved at 121 °C
Controller has a range of between 500 - 1350 hPa
The head flashes for 5 seconds when accessed by controller

Delivery information: The A6/S6 and A12/S12 include the ready to use package of sample bottles and adapters, stirrer platform (IS 6 Var for A6) and stirrers, OxiTop®-C heads, OC110 controller, Achat OC software, with appropriate accessories (thermostatic cabinet not included).
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