Axygen® DNA Markers

Supplier: Corning

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Axygen® DNA Markers
Electrophoresis Reagents Molecular Weight Markers
Three DNA markers, Low Range, High Range, and Broad Range that allow fast sizing of a wide range of DNA fragments 125 bp to 10 kb

Each vial has 600 µl of Markers sufficient for up to 125 lanes. DNA Concentration is 1 µg/10 µl. Loading Recommendation, Marker is supplied ready-for-use. Just load 5-10 µl per lane.

Each lot is tested in electrophoresis. The DNA concentration is determined using a spectrophotometer and teh absence of nucleases is confirmed by appropriate tests. Temperature stability is confirmed by burn-in tests where the DNA marker is subject to storage at 65°C and 95% humidity for 2 weeks.

Stable under ambient conditions for as long as 2 years. Precise and consistent when run under conventional electrophoresis conditions. Sharp bands for precise software detection and molecular weight determination. Robust-can be used for fast 10-15 minute electrophoresis runs. Bright reference bands for eas detection and quantification. Ready-To-Use, pre-loaded with Bromophenol Blue dye. Two year shelf life with ambient conditions.
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