GeneMate Screw Cap Microtubes and Caps, Scientific Specialties

Supplier: Scientific Specialties
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GeneMate Screw Cap Microtubes and Caps, Scientific Specialties
Tubes Microtubes
These screw cap microtubes offer the ultimate in applications from sample storage in vapor phase liquid nitrogen to boiling applications.

Manufactured under the most rigid QC standards, these tubes are certified to be RNAse, DNAse, DNA, and Pyrogen free. The O-Ring is manufactured from autoclavable ethelyne-propylene that forms a perfect seal against the rim of each tube. A leak free seal, coupled with the naturally low binding quality of 100% pure virgin copolymer polypropylene, make these screw cap tubes perfect for almost every long term storage application.

Ordering information: Screw caps have to be ordered separately.
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