Tygon® 2375 Ultra Chemical-Resistant Tubing, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Supplier: Saint-Gobain
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Tygon® 2375 Ultra Chemical-Resistant Tubing, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
Tubing Tygon Tubing
Until now, many applications for clear flexible tubing were limited due to chemical attack from the fluid being transported.

Tubing is non-DEHP for high purity and plasticizer-free for low extractables. It also offers safer disposal, as no harmful and coorosive hydrochloride gas is released. A smoother inner surface provides better flow and inhibits particulate build-up. Low sorption helps to minimize cross contamination. The clear design enables easier and observation.

Tygon® 2375 Ultra Chemical-Resistant Tubing broadens the range of usability with its expanded chemical resistance. The tubing is virtually unaffected by acids, bases, ketones, salts, and alcohols. This environmentally friendly tubing is entirely free of plasticizers, a common occurence with other flexible tubing. Offering a longer life, Tygon® 2375 has improved the maximum working pressure by 30 to 50%, compared to 2075. It will not embrittle or crack prematurely due to the extraction of plasticizers, thus providing a longer service life.

Certifications: Industry compliances: FDA, EU Food Contact 2002/72/EC, NSF 51 Food Standards, REACH.

Ordering information: Tubing is supplied in 50' lengths.
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