FLIPR Calcium 6 Assay Kits, Molecular Devices

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FLIPR Calcium 6 Assay Kits, Molecular Devices
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Built as the most comprehensive calcium portfolio, the FLIPR® Calcium Assay Kits measure changes in intracellular calcium during drug discovery and research.

  • Maximizes fluorescent signal
  • Reduces well-to-well variability
  • Universal mix-and-read protocols
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratio
  • Pre-optimized and validated protocols

They deliver pre-optimized, homogeneous, fluorescence-based formulations to expedite assay development and screening of GPCR and ion channel targets.

FLIPR® Calcium Assay Kits maximize fluorescent signal from a wide range of cell types by reducing cell wash artifacts. They reduce well-to-well variability, improving assay quality (Z'-factor) and reliability (CV %) of high-throughput screens. Universal mix-and-read protocol accelerates assay workflow and increases throughput. Superior signal-to-noise ratio facilitates confirmation of endogenous or transiently transfected receptor activity during assay development. Pre-optimized and validated protocols for the FLIPR® Tetra and FlexStation® 3 Systems ensure you can navigate both routine and unconventional cell lines and targets.
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