SOLA Solid Phase Extraction Plates and Cartridges, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific

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SOLA Solid Phase Extraction Plates and Cartridges, Thermo Scientific
Microplates Solid Phase Extraction Plates (SPE)
SOLA is a state of the art fritless polymeric SPE that reduces, channeling, voiding, packing inconsistencies and reduces the need for expense retesting of critical samples.

  • Fritless
  • Polymeric
  • Consistent bed
  • More reproducible
  • Greater selectivity
  • Cleaner

Prevent sample failures in bioanalytical workflows by using SOLA SPE.

SOLA and SOLAu SPE products help prevent costly reanalysis of bioanalytical samples by preventing blocking, voiding, and channeling during the SPE sample preparation process. The fritless polymeric technology eliminates the issues encountered in conventianl SPE. Experience cleaner, highly reproducible and robust sample extraction in high throughput workflows.

Ordering information: Choose from Thermo Scientific SOLA Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges or plates available in a range of phases, formats, and bed weights to suit any bioanalysis application.
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