eCount Colony Counter, Electron Microscopy Sciences

Supplier: Electron Microscopy Sciences
102096-602EA 399.14 USD
eCount Colony Counter, Electron Microscopy Sciences
Colony Counters
The eCount is a simple to use colony counter for counting cells inmicrobiology applications or tissue culture. This unit combines a multifunctionelectronic counter with a Sharpie® pen for counting and markingto prevent missing or double-counting colonies in a Petri dish.

  • Save - Power off button helps save battery life
  • Verify - Each count verified with a beep or LED flash
  • Accurate - Count up and then count down to verify count accuracy
  • Easy To Read - Display up to 32 counts
  • Memory - Keep up to 32 different counts in memory
  • Secure - Disable counter and use the marker to write notes and totals

Delivery information: Package includes: eCount colony counter, black Sharpie® pen for highly visible marks on both plastic and glass, ong-life button battery, hand tally adapter counts without marking and weighted stand for convenient bench top use.
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